Mum catches daughter’s genius attempt to trick her on baby monitor during nap time

A mum filmed her daughter’s comical reaction after she was caught playing during nap time – and viewers have compared her to a character from Toy Story.

TikTok user @Emmahore showed footage from her daughter’s baby monitor as the little one can be seen playing with a toy in her cot rather than sleeping.

The mum said that she’s been “cracking up” as she had just spoken to her through the monitor and she had simply pretended to be asleep – so she gave it another go to see if she would repeat the genius trick.

Emma presses the button to speak and says firmly “Emelia, no” and her daughter freezes, before turning to look directly into the camera, with a guilty face suggesting she knows full well she’s in trouble.

Having been caught sitting up and playing rather than getting some much needed rest, she suddenly collapses in half to put her head on the mattress, pretending to have been asleep the whole time.

The mum is left in hysterics at her cheeky attempt to get away with it, and the clip has been viewed more than 200,000 times after it was uploaded with the captions: “When Emelia gets busted. Babies are so funny.”

Viewers praised the little girl’s intelligence to try and fool her mum, as one commented to say: “Future master criminal there!”

A second wrote: “She’s clever – she’s only going to get smarter”.

A third said: “Dropped like she was in Toy Story.”

Another replied: “I laughed so long after I watched this! This is my son to a T. Maybe they should be friends.”

And someone else added: “The fact she looked directly into the camera though and knew she got caught.”